Botanic Garden was the perfect play for Friendship Village. The acting was incredible! The themes of loss, letting go and moving on really resonated with our residents. The before and after interactions with the actors was an added bonus.  I wish there were more plays as perfectly suited to the older adult as this one was”.


Donna Brown

Lifestyles Activities Manager

Friendship Village of Schaumburg/A Friendship Senior Options Community





"The play was one of the most meaningful programs I have ever booked at Westminster Place. It is a very thoughtful play and hit all the right notes for my residents. The husband and wife team were wonderful. I would book it again without hesitation”.


Jill Greenman

Activities Specialist for Residential Programs
Presbyterian Homes/Westminster Place





"Our residents loved Botanic Garden. They not only loved the play, they deeply identified with the story about trials and joys of long-term relationships, loss and renewal. What a pleasure it was for all of us to have a superbly written play, performed by terrific actors, here, onsite at The Garlands of Barrington. We loved the post-show discusssion lead by the actors. the actors were flexible and easy to work with. It made the experience that much richer for everyone. The conversations continued for days. I can’t recommend it highly enough.”


Jill Lund

Director of EngAGE

The Garlands of Barrington






We were really thrilled to have a live, theatrical performance here at Monarch Landing by professional actors. The two actors, married in real life, could not have been better.  Prior to the performance they came out and interacted with our residents. That made the performance even more personal.  I believe many of our residents could relate to the story line of the play. So many have lost their spouses and now have the opportunity to date and continue their lives. The play was very fun, personal, sad, and honest. After the performance many spoke about how they could really relate to what was acted out on stage because they have been there. For a couple of weeks after the show I had residents stopping in my office thanking me for having this play at Monarch Landing. We will definitely be doing more events like this one in the future. It was a positive experience all the way around. Thank you!!


Sherry DeFillippo

Lifestyle Manager, Monarch Landing





“The play touches on love, loss, and traveling through life with a soul mate with all the ups and downs, bumps and bruises”


- Scott Phelps

Artistic Director Citadel Theater






“I harbored tears in my eyes through most of the performance, as did my wife. Perhaps it was our age and proximity to things reflective—mid 50s with our last child of four just graduating from college, in a sweet empty nest period and with a few grandchildren. What touched me most was the juxtaposition of tender expressions of mutual dependency with being all tied up in a snit with each other.. All should be so lucky as to have another in their lives with whom they could be so real and with whom they could...spark. I would see it again in a heart beat.”


Thomas Suk, ma, lmft, lcpc




“We thought it was FABULOUS AND EXTREMELY THOUGHT PROVOKING. The play made us (after 19 years of marriage) think hard about what we should appreciate out of life. The different ‘stages of life’ depicted rang so true. THE ENDING WAS SO POIGNANT AND MOVING!”.


Rob and Annette Houghton





“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We see a lot plays in New York and Chicago, and this one is one of our favorites.  Everything about the play was top notch!  EXPERIENCING IT MOVED US, INSPIRED US AND TAUGHT US.  We hope it will do the same for many others for a long time.”


Eddie Hambrick & Bruce Shumard






“TERRIFIC. Very poignant.  I came away feeling very cheated in my own life. In 20 years of marriage, my husband and I never had deep conversations like Kate and Jake.  IT WAS EYE OPENING. I wonder how many of our generation really had those conversations, or are we the ones that are divorced and the others still married and happy or unhappily married.”


– M. Horowitz





“I felt compelled to see 'Botanic Garden’ because of my personal history as a surviving spouse.  I felt my needs as such were fulfilled by A WELL-WRITTEN AND INSIGHTFUL RECREATION OF MY SITUATION, even though there were differences in the details.  Thank you!”


– Ernest Garten




“An excellent foray into the complexities of any relationship that survives through the decades. THE ACTORS HELD MY ATTENTION EVERY SECOND. Well worth the time to see this  play that I could easily see again!”


Goldstar Member Review




“A sensitive, sometimes funny, very poignant look at the loss of one's spouse/partner and the process of letting go and moving on without betraying the memory/reality of the relationship. THE ACTORS WERE VERY TUNED INTO EACH OTHER. I felt as though I was the fly on the wall, privy to the ups and downs of their relationship and the prospects of the new one for her.”


Goldstar Member Review